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Beach Beauty, 1961.
Mohd. Hoessein Enas (1924-1995);
Oil on canvas; 63cm x 84cm.


The late Mohd. Hoessein Enas (1924 - 1995) was a full-time painter. Known for his portrait paintings, Hoessein Enas had participated in numerous art exhibitions and had held several one-man shows locally and abroad. He was a member of Fellow Royal Society of Arts, London; member of Board of Trustees; former Head of Design and Staging Services, Radio and Television Malaysia; and founder and first President of Angkatan Pelukis Semenanjung.

In Beach Beauty, Hoessein did not intend to portray a woman in all her natural beauty. No one has. He portrays a woman as an object of contemplation or, more often, of curiosity. Her attractions are obvious, but she may evoke, a baffled response.This beauty of the beach, besides her futile sensuality also embodies the subjective movements of Hoessein’s imagination.